Roll Forming Machine

Our company is acknowledged as one of the predominant Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers & Exporters from India. The rolling Cassettes are of latest design, using electronic controls, variable speed drives, precision measurements & hardened & ground rollers with computerized designed & machined shape profiles. Our Roll Forming Machines are designed run up to the speed of 25 meters / minute, depending upon the process of formation.

Uses : Automatic Continuous Roll Forming of any shape of Sheet Metal Parts & Profiles

Applications :
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Automotive

Technical Specifications

Model No. RFM - 1001
Application Automatic Roll Forming of Sheet Metal Products, with Long Lengths
Main Specs
No. Of Stations 20 or as Required
Drive System Common Drive with Single Motor.
Motor Specs. Motor shall depend upon the Sizes and Thickness of Material
Gear Boxes Standard Reputed Makes of suitable sizes are used
Information Required, for Machine Designing The following information must be supplied , before order acceptance.
Drawings of Formed Parts , showing the dimensions as below
Dimensions of Formed Part
Thickness of Raw Material
Speed of Forming-Meters per Minute
Material Specifications, Hardness etc.
Total Number of Stations required
Important Note Ramani Precision Machines, reserve the rights to amend these specifications and to correct any errors or omissions at any point of time upto the date of order acceptance. In the event of any conflict , the specifications / terms in this document over-ride any other standard terms & conditions issued by either party at any time.
Toolings We shall supply the following toolings :
One set of Rollers. Duly fitted in Cassettes
Drawings of all Toolings & wear parts.
Major Parts
  • Main Structural Steel Fabricated Body : 1 Set
  • Cassettes Assembly, with Bearings Etc : As Reqd
  • Set of Formed Rollers : 1 Set
  • Electric Motor & Gear Box Drive : 1 Set
  • Powered Static Spindle Head Base : 1 Set
  • Pneumatics Controls, Cylinders Etc : 1 Set
  • Main Electrical Control Panel : 1 Set
  • P L C Controller : 1 Set
  • Operator's Control Panel with Touch Panel 1 Set
  • Misc. Others as per Requirements : LOT
Motor Specs.
For Main Drive Spindle Depends on Material & speed
Utilities Required
Power Source 415 V AC - 50 HZ
220 V AC - 50 HZ
Control System DC - 24 V
Compressed Air 5 - 6 Kg / Cm2