Moulding Press Machine

We are established as one of the supreme Moulding Press Machine Manufacturers & Exporters from India. The Moulding Press Machines, offered by us, are available with Compression or Transfer Moulding processes. Also these Machines have been designed to use only a single cylinder for job clamping as well as for rubber injection. Various sizes and different capacities of pressing force are available.

Uses : Corners Moulding of Extruded Rubber Profiles for automotive sealing applications

Applications :

  • Rubber Profile Manufacturing
  • Sealing Products Manufacturing


Technical Specifications

Purpose For Corner Molding of Rubber Profiles for Automobile Weather Sealing Components etc.
Control System Automatic Control System is used complete with Temperature Controllers , for reliability & smooth operations for long life. The operator's Panel fitted on the Front of the machine, for easier approach of operator
Pressing Force 4,200 Kgf
Air Cylinder Diameter 300 mm , Double Acting type
Air Pressure 6 Kg / Cm2
Stroke of Pneumatic Cylinder 300 mm
Energy Conservation By way of stoppage of Wind Blow in Heating Area & by incorporating the Automatic ON / OFF system for Heating system, making their use only when required.
Heater Sizes 300 mm X 300 mm X 25 mm Thick , Aluminum Casted
Pot Diameter 50 mm , but as per specifications of user.
Temperature Controllers 2 Set Point type , radix / Masibus or Selection makes.
Timer System Digital Timers , with 3 digit display
Pneumatic Valves FESTO / SMC makes for high performance
Electric Power 220 Volts AC , for mains Supply & 24 Volts DC for Control System
Toolings One complete set of Tooling is included , such as Plunger & Pot of any size required.
Operation Automatic after Cycle Start by the Operator
Operator's safety With necessary safety systems incorporated
Structure Extra thick welded square Tubular Steel sections are used for main frame work, properly reinforced & stress relieved for vibration free working
Bought - Out parts All bought outs are of Class - A only from well reputed suppliers only.
Finishing All th structural parts are painted with Stoving Enamel paints, baked properly. All machined parts are Electroplated / Blackened as per the requirements , for their long life and rust prevention.
Others Sensors for fault Detection & Heater Failure checking. 3 Sides of machine covered by polycarbonate unbreakable sheets & front open for loading & unloading, for accident proof operations Audio / Visual Signal system for warning to the operator in case of any faults.
Warranty The machine is warranted for period of 12 months against any type of materials & manufacturing defects. Bought-outs are already covered under OEM's warranty.

Moulding Press Machine

Moulding Press Machine

Moulding Press Machine

Moulding Press Machine
This Equipment is used for the molding of rubber profiles required for all types of automobiles such as Cars, Trucks, Buses, 2 Wheelers, Railways, Aero planes, Ships, Marine Applications, Buildings and so many other applications etc.

The machine is made of high strength steel

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