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Gang Drilling Machine

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Gang Drilling Machine

Our company is renowned as one of the prime Gang Drilling Machine Manufacturers & Exporters from India. These machines are used for multi spindle drilling of holes in Scaffolding Pipes , required for construction industry. The Gang Drilling Machines, offered by us, are available in different sizes of lengths and different number of drilling holes. The machines can be provided with automatic pneumatically powered end locators, 180 rotations and for loading of pipes.

Multi spindle drilling in Scaffolding Pipes

  • Rubber Profile Manufacturing
  • Sealing Products Manufacturing
  • Construction Industry for Scaffoldings
  • Automotive Industry

  • Manufactured as per international Quality standards
  • Vastly used by scaffolding manufactures
  • Heavy & sturdy base structure for reliable & consistent performance
  • Hydraulically powered feed on heavy duty LM Slides for drilling
  • Available in manual & automatic tube handling variants
  • Standard collects for drill holding
  • Standard straight shank H.S.S. Drills
  • Around 70% of the flute length can be effectively utilized
  • Drilling is burr free as drilling is done from opposite sides, after 180o rotation of tube
  • Self contained coolant system with header, flexible nozzles & collection tank with pump
  • PLL control & touch screen for ease of operation

Model No. RGD-14VS RGD-17VS RGD-21VS RGD-32VS
Minimum tube diameter 35mm
Maximum tube diameter 90mm
Maximum length of tube 2800 3200mm 4000 4000
Material of tube M.S.
Location of tube Hardened V-Blocks
Feed Hydraulically Powered
Max number of drills 14 17 21 32
Drilling force Upto 15000 Kg Upto 18000 Kg Upto 20000 Kg Upto 30000 Kg
Tube loading Manual
Tupe Ejection Manual
Pitch between drills 80/ 100/ 120/ 150 80/ 100/ 120/ 150 80/ 100/ 120/ 150 80/ 100
Position of first drilled hole As per costomer
Collet for drill holding E-40 (Schaublin Type)
Size of drills 8-25
Hydraulic power pack motor 5 H.P.
Main drive motor with inventor 7.5 H.P. 7.5 H.P. 10 H.P. 15 H.P.
Coolant tank with pump Self contained
Tube rotation Pneumatic
Tube pusher Pneumatic
Tube clamping Pneumatic
Control system PLC/ Touchscreen/ foot switch for cycle start
Cycle time (Drilling Only) 20-24 Seconds
Total cycle time 55-60 Seconds
Change over time (Without drill change) 10 Minutes
Change over time (With drill change) 25 Minutes 30 Minutes 35 Minutes 40 Minutes

Automatic Variants

Model No. RGD-14VX RGD-17VX RGD-21VX RGD-32VX
Tube loading Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Tube Ejection Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Material Handling System Frame for stocking input pipes/ provision for stocking of drilled pipes Frame for stocking input pipes/ provision for stocking of drilled pipes Frame for stocking input pipes/ provision for stocking of drilled pipes Frame for stocking input pipes/ provision for stocking of drilled pipes
All other specifications same as manual variant

  • Straight shank drills : To be changed when drill size needs to be changed
  • Rotation fingers/ V-blocks : To be changed when tube dia needs to be changed

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