Chipless Tube Cutting Machine

We are enlisted as one amidst the reliable Chipless Tube Cutting Machine Manufacturers & Exporters from India. The Chipless Tube Cutting Machines, offered by us, are totally Programmable and the cutting is done by rotary, without any chips or burs on tube ends blade.

Uses :
  • High Speed & Accurate Cutting of Tubes
  • Deburring the Outer Corners
  • Chamfering the Inside Corners

Application :
  • Tube Industry - Copper, Aluminium
  • Automotive
  • Engineering

Item Description Specifications
Name of Machine Automatic Chipless Tube Cutting Machine
Purpose of Machine Cutting of Aluminium Tubes of Various
Diameters and Various Lengths
Main Feature The Best Feature of this Ramani Make Chipless Cutting Machine is that Thecutting is Done By Just Sharp Grooving By Rotary Spin Rollers and Then By Pulling Apart the Grooved Tubes.
Method of Tube Cutting By Rotary Spinning Tools and Then Breaking By Tensioning Unit
Tube Diameters DIA. 8.0 x 1 t to DIA. 16 x 1.75 t
No. of Tubes per Cut 1 Piece per Cutting Cycle
Cutting Length Range 72 mm TO 1500 mm
Tube Feeding Unit By Ac Servo Motor & Controller, ( Digital Counting )
Cutting Accuracy +/- 0.3 mm approx.
Cutting Speed ( Cycle Time )
upto 100 Mm
upto 300 Mm
upto 1000 Mm
Approx 4 Sec.
Approx 5 Sec
Approx 8 Sec
Outside Chamfering Not Required in this Design
Inside Chamfering
Chamfering Time
By Chamfering Device , for Both Ends of Cut Tubes , After Length Cutting + 2 to 3 Seconds.
Elements Included Double Chamfering Unit
Straight Pipe Magazine (30 Pipes)
Cut Pipe Chute , for 1000 Mm Length
Toolings , for Any One Size of Tube
Utilities Required
Electric Power
Total Connected Load
Compressed Air
Consumption of Air
AC 415 V - 50 HZ - 3 Phase +/- 10 %
AC 210 V - 50 HZ - Single Phase +/- 10 %
10 KW
5 - 6 Kg / Cm2
Around 2000 Litres / Min.